Bisphenol A Free Gastronorm Containers

Polycarbonate Gastronorm containers for the first time in the world will be available Bisphenol A ( BPA ) free from Catering Equipment Limited, Birmingham UK.


Yes a world first for the Birmingham based Catering Equipment Limited, in conjunction with their manufacturing partners located in North Italy and their chemical supplier’s in Germany, they have come up with a formula to produce the standard range of polycarbonate containers and lids, but without the chemical Bisphenol A ( BPA ), which has been the centre of controversy with regards to babies feeding bottles and has now been banned from feeding bottles and water bottles in most countries and Europe.

Bisphenol A has been around since 1891, when it was discovered by a Russian chemist. Today it is widely used in all types of plastic materials, but in 2008 scientists discovered a link to some negative health effects . Local and Government authorities reacted by banning the use of BPA in feeding bottles and this in turn led to our current BPA free polycarbonate containers and lids, which will soon be available upon request from our central Birmingham stock, which now exceeds 70,000 gastronorm containers and sink items. Customers in future will be able to specify BPA free containers and lids and to save any confusion new BPA free containers and lids are clearly marked so that customers can be sure they have the correct container or lid .

Mr Anthony Prestage CEO of Catering Equipment Limited said that “ Catering Equipment’s staff are all very excited about this fantastic development in the market “ and he expects competitors to follow his company’s lead. He went on to say that he thought initially schools, preschools and nurseries would be the first to demand this new super safe BPA free product as the health benefits are overwhelming. Food manufacturers would soon follow as they are also scientists in their own right and are very aware of health risks, so will be primary purchasers for BPA free products along with health authorities and anybody involved in infant and child care.


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Bisphenol A ( BPA ), Wikipedia

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