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HTM64 guidelines are primarily aimed at reducing infection in Hospitals, Clinics, Doctors Surgeries, Dentists, Nursing Homes and Accident Units. Catering Equipment Ltd and their website would like to make it clear that the regulations provided by the NHS namely HTM64 may be subject to interpretation at local level.

Anthony Prestage, Managing Director of Catering Equipment Ltd, has asked to make it clear that all products sold by them under the HTM64 banner are fully compliant with no overflow holes and wipe clean design and flush grids to waste outlets. The following recommendation is made to purchasers and designers alike to ensure guidelines are fully met…..

The HTM guidelines are set out in the Department of Health documents HTM 64 & 01-05 (decontamination in primary care). The information contained in the HTM section of the website is a guide to products that have previously been compliant and we have no reason to believe that they will not be compliant in the future. However, product specifications should always be checked with the inspectorate of the relevant authority ultimately responsible for signing off the project that the products to be supplied are fully compliant with the regulations.


Please always feel free to contact us with regards to help when trying to comply with current regulations

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