Sinks: Health and Safety in 2011

Making plans for 2011? Well, do not forget your sink!

Legionella bacteria and other potentially harmful micro-organisms.

If you are a dentist, doctor, nurse, or other medical provider, new NHS instructions come in to force with regards to the design and location of sinks and associated equipment – this also equally applies to catering establishments.

Before we start, the Department of Health Estates Alert DH (2010) 03 has recommended that anybody in the above occupations who operates in a surgery should be aware that if flexible water hoses are used for equipment i.e. sterilisers, washing machines, taps etc., that the hoses should be identified and ‘risk assessed’ for the risk of potential micro-organisms. The normal course to prevent any problems is to use an EPDM hose as well as being WRAS approved.

To help both medical professionals and people in the catering or food preparation industry, I have published below a quick check-list.

  • Hoses: Are they micro-organism free?
  • Shower heads or Pre Rinse Sprays: Can they dip into the dirty water? If so modify immediately.
  • When filling the basin, does the tap flow directly in to the plug-hole? If so modify immediately to stop this happening.
  • Taps with hoses must have non return vales fitted (Do not worry if you have purchased from us; we always fit non return valves)

Should you have any problems with any of the above, please contact our sales for assistance.

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