Water efficiency: What does it all mean?

Catering Equipment Ltd and their website www.clickonstore.net feature a considerable amount of products which have been approved under one or more of the below schemes. The question we have been asked is what do they mean and what do they stand for? Below we have listed a short overview to help prospective and existing purchasers.

The idea in the main is for manufactures to demonstrate that products are manufactured to a high standard and have the additional benefit of water saving this basically sums up approval under the WRAS ( water regulation advisory service ) taps and pre rinse spray units etc.

Moving on to WEPLS ( water efficient labelling service ) sanitary items especially are covered by design and water saving characteristics. The BMA Bathroom manufactures association run a similar scheme under the banner of Water Efficient Product Labelling Scheme.

Finally DEFRA get in on the act with their water technology list which for featured products on the list can be purchased and set partly against corporation tax, best have a word with your accountant if you want to follow this one up.

For further information please feel free to contact us at www.clickonstore.net or go to the relevant organisations web sites

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