Anti-Bacterial Stainless Steel & Plastic

Catering Equipment Ltd can offer in addition to our standard products two special hygienic treatments which give very high levels of hygiene, lasting freshness and very low levels of bacteria retention. Ideal for anywhere where the highest of hygiene are required.


The two processes we can offer via our manufacturing partners in Italy are:

Stainless Steel Antibacterial Treatment

ABACO® is the latest-generation thin film antibacterial coatings using the physical vapor disposition application process for strong, durable and attractive finishes. Proven nanotechnology provides leading antibacterial coating properties.

The efficiency of ABACO® antibacterial coatings are certified by precision laboratory tests. The nanotechnology used in the complex multilayer architecture of the coating destroys the bacterial cell membrane by interrupting the bacterial cell-division cycle and blocking the bacteria’s nutrition.

The ABACO® antibacterial coating properties continue throughout the life of the product and will improve over time ensuring continued antibacterial protection.

Plastics Antimicrobial Treatment

BioCote is an antimicrobial technology which can be incorporated into plastic based products as an additive during manufacture or after manufacture as an antimicrobial coating. When incorporated in a product, the BioCote antimicrobial properties continue to provide anti-microbial protection for the expected lifetime of the product.

‘Antimicrobial’ defines an ability to, in addition to resisting the grown of bacteria, resist the growth of microbial organisms including bacteria, fungi, moulds and others.

Call us now today 0121 773 2286 for more information about our antibacterial product ranges!

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Bisphenol A Free Gastronorm Containers

Polycarbonate Gastronorm containers for the first time in the world will be available Bisphenol A ( BPA ) free from Catering Equipment Limited, Birmingham UK.


Yes a world first for the Birmingham based Catering Equipment Limited, in conjunction with their manufacturing partners located in North Italy and their chemical supplier’s in Germany, they have come up with a formula to produce the standard range of polycarbonate containers and lids, but without the chemical Bisphenol A ( BPA ), which has been the centre of controversy with regards to babies feeding bottles and has now been banned from feeding bottles and water bottles in most countries and Europe.

Bisphenol A has been around since 1891, when it was discovered by a Russian chemist. Today it is widely used in all types of plastic materials, but in 2008 scientists discovered a link to some negative health effects . Local and Government authorities reacted by banning the use of BPA in feeding bottles and this in turn led to our current BPA free polycarbonate containers and lids, which will soon be available upon request from our central Birmingham stock, which now exceeds 70,000 gastronorm containers and sink items. Customers in future will be able to specify BPA free containers and lids and to save any confusion new BPA free containers and lids are clearly marked so that customers can be sure they have the correct container or lid .

Mr Anthony Prestage CEO of Catering Equipment Limited said that “ Catering Equipment’s staff are all very excited about this fantastic development in the market “ and he expects competitors to follow his company’s lead. He went on to say that he thought initially schools, preschools and nurseries would be the first to demand this new super safe BPA free product as the health benefits are overwhelming. Food manufacturers would soon follow as they are also scientists in their own right and are very aware of health risks, so will be primary purchasers for BPA free products along with health authorities and anybody involved in infant and child care.


More information can be obtained from:-


Bisphenol A ( BPA ), Wikipedia

—————- or ————————————-

Catering Equipment Ltd


Anthony Prestage

Catering Equipment Limited , Unit 7, Speedwell T/E , Kings Road, Tyseley,
Birmingham B11 2AT . Tel: 0121 773 2228 Fax: 0121 772 4731



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Water efficiency: What does it all mean?

Catering Equipment Ltd and their website feature a considerable amount of products which have been approved under one or more of the below schemes. The question we have been asked is what do they mean and what do they stand for? Below we have listed a short overview to help prospective and existing purchasers.

The idea in the main is for manufactures to demonstrate that products are manufactured to a high standard and have the additional benefit of water saving this basically sums up approval under the WRAS ( water regulation advisory service ) taps and pre rinse spray units etc.

Moving on to WEPLS ( water efficient labelling service ) sanitary items especially are covered by design and water saving characteristics. The BMA Bathroom manufactures association run a similar scheme under the banner of Water Efficient Product Labelling Scheme.

Finally DEFRA get in on the act with their water technology list which for featured products on the list can be purchased and set partly against corporation tax, best have a word with your accountant if you want to follow this one up.

For further information please feel free to contact us at or go to the relevant organisations web sites

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HTM64 at

HTM64 guidelines are primarily aimed at reducing infection in Hospitals, Clinics, Doctors Surgeries, Dentists, Nursing Homes and Accident Units. Catering Equipment Ltd and their website would like to make it clear that the regulations provided by the NHS namely HTM64 may be subject to interpretation at local level.

Anthony Prestage, Managing Director of Catering Equipment Ltd, has asked to make it clear that all products sold by them under the HTM64 banner are fully compliant with no overflow holes and wipe clean design and flush grids to waste outlets. The following recommendation is made to purchasers and designers alike to ensure guidelines are fully met…..

The HTM guidelines are set out in the Department of Health documents HTM 64 & 01-05 (decontamination in primary care). The information contained in the HTM section of the website is a guide to products that have previously been compliant and we have no reason to believe that they will not be compliant in the future. However, product specifications should always be checked with the inspectorate of the relevant authority ultimately responsible for signing off the project that the products to be supplied are fully compliant with the regulations.


Please always feel free to contact us with regards to help when trying to comply with current regulations

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A bit about

Catering Equipment Ltd, the company behind, was formed 15 years ago in Central Birmingham. The prime purpose of the business is importing finest quality Italian catering equipment and distributing throughout the UK on a next day basis.

Today, Catering Equipment Ltd holds over 72,000 items in stock in their Kings Road, Tyseley warehouse. The warehouse is located in the Speedwell Trading Estate which has access from Kings Road. There is a smart display area at the front of the warehouse, where customers who prefer to shop and collect their goods can come and view our products as well as enjoy a cup of tea or coffee with our compliments. There is free, secure parking right outside the warehouse. We aim to not only offer value for money on quality catering components, but also an enjoyable experience when dealing with us.

Why not take a look at our website and see what a great range of products we have available.

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Stainless Steel products – European Quality vs. cheap Far East imports.

We all take for granted that Stainless Steel offers high resistance to corrosion and durability, but it may be worth noting that not all stainless steels are the same.

Catering Equipment Ltd. and only use high quality AISI 304 Stainless Steel on their food quality equipment . The surfaces of Stainless products that come in to contact with food or drink are always 304 Stainless Steel. Our fellow European manufactures adopt the same policy as ourselves and stick to the well tried and proven safe 304 Stainless Steel. The question we ask the public today is why do large companies buy cheap far east products manufactured from inferior quality 204 stainless steel that is manufactured with high levels of manganese instead of nickel? This combination of metals including the manganese is a potential health risk and should not be used for cooking as there could be a long term health risk.

We urge all buyers of stainless steel products to specify AISI304 when purchasing stainless steel items for food use after all the European directive EN631 insist on 304 stainless steel, because they know it is safe!

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Wall Hung Hand Wash Sink Kit is proud to be able to offer this fantastic value complete sink kit for only £52.88 + VAT

The wash basin is ideally proportioned for easy hand washing, is constructed from highest-quality stainless steel and includes a wrap around apron. The waste system includes a bottle trap terminating in a 1.5″ / 40mm waste outlet.

The included quarter-turn, cross-head, ceramic taps provide easy on/off operation.

This is a simple and cost effective way to improved HACCP compliance.

With 1 years included warranty, this exclusive product is supplied boxed and complete with instructions for easy fitting.

CLICK HERE to purchase this product directly from our online store.

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Stanley Ergoserv® Glass-Lined Airpot 2.2 litre has a fantastic deal for you on Stanley Ergoserv Glass-Lined Airpots.

This 2.2 Litre capacity Airpot with glass insulation is now available for just £15 including UK VAT!

From clubs to schools, cafeterias to the board-room, the Ergoserv line both looks the part and with it’s substantial construction, is made to last and is backed by a Stanley 5 year warranty.

This has to be one of the best prices on Airpots in the UK and the worldwide Stanley brand ensures you are buying the very best quality available.

Get your 2.2 Litre Stanley Ergoserv Stainless Airpot from the clickonstore online shop today!

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Sinks: Health and Safety in 2011

Making plans for 2011? Well, do not forget your sink!

Legionella bacteria and other potentially harmful micro-organisms.

If you are a dentist, doctor, nurse, or other medical provider, new NHS instructions come in to force with regards to the design and location of sinks and associated equipment – this also equally applies to catering establishments.

Before we start, the Department of Health Estates Alert DH (2010) 03 has recommended that anybody in the above occupations who operates in a surgery should be aware that if flexible water hoses are used for equipment i.e. sterilisers, washing machines, taps etc., that the hoses should be identified and ‘risk assessed’ for the risk of potential micro-organisms. The normal course to prevent any problems is to use an EPDM hose as well as being WRAS approved.

To help both medical professionals and people in the catering or food preparation industry, I have published below a quick check-list.

  • Hoses: Are they micro-organism free?
  • Shower heads or Pre Rinse Sprays: Can they dip into the dirty water? If so modify immediately.
  • When filling the basin, does the tap flow directly in to the plug-hole? If so modify immediately to stop this happening.
  • Taps with hoses must have non return vales fitted (Do not worry if you have purchased from us; we always fit non return valves)

Should you have any problems with any of the above, please contact our sales for assistance.

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Winter Survival Kit has created a new winter survival kit based around premium quality components from Bright Spark.

The kit includes everything you need to both keep warm and cook even if no mains power or services are available.

  • Based around the Bright Spark BS100 portable indoor/outdoor butane gas cooker with flame failure safety device
  • Keep warm with the Bright Spark Outdoor Cosy heater add-on
  • Cook on the Bright Spark ‘Hubcap’ cooking surface
  • Toast with the specially designed toasting tray
  • See with the free LED torch included.

Click here to view and buy the Gas Powered Winter Survival Kit at

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