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Bain Marie Container Option Carving[GN pack carv]

Bain Marie Container Option Carving

Bain Marie Container Option Carving[GN pack carv]

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Gastronorm stainless steel container option ‘carving' for bain marie or chafing dishes

Ideal for Sunday Carvery or fact any other day of the week!
One , two/ thirds size carving pad with six spikes and container underneath 354x325x 40 deep mm container plus carving top.

One third size container and cover with centre handle and ladel notch 325 x 176 x 150 deep
Start carving some more profits by ordering now.

GN pack carve

List of items:

BA23040 st steel gastronorm container 354x325x 40 mm deep.
BF23CARV st steel carving top with six spikes to fit above.
BA13150 st steel container 325 x 176 x 150 mmdeep.
CO13SME st steel lid with centre handle and slot for ladle handle to fit above.

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