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Barista Milk Frothing Thermometer[RCB887]

Barista Milk Frothing Thermometer

Barista Milk Frothing Thermometer[RCB887]

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Barista milk frothing thermometer indicates temperatures between -10 to +110°C (+14 to + 230°F).

This useful item features an easy to read dial with colour coded zones, and a clip, allowing you to easily and securely attach it to the side of a jug.

  • Stainless steel jug clip and probe cover
  • Dimensions : Probe: 5(L)x 1/5(Ø)"/ 125x 4mm
  • Temperature Range : -10 to +110°C

Steamed milk is ready between 150° and 155°F.

Any more and you will scald the milk.

Any less and the milk will not be properly steamed and will mix with the espresso drink improperly.

A steam thermometer will help you read the temperature of the milk as it steams to take the guess work out of knowing when the milk is properly steamed.

Please note: The jug in the picture is not included but can be ordered separatley.


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