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Dometic CoolFreeze CFX3 100W Portable Fridge / Freezer 12v[DOM.CFX3 100]

Dometic CoolFreeze CFX3 100W Portable Fridge / Freezer 12v

Dometic CoolFreeze CFX3 100W Portable Fridge / Freezer 12v[DOM.CFX3 100]

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The Dometic CoolFreeze CFX 100W is a powerful, no-compromises portable fridge / freezer with special CFX electronics for quiet operation and energy saving wherever you may be.

Portable Fridge / Portable Freezer

With convenient carry handles and the ability to use 240V AC mains or 12v / 24v DC vehicle power, the Dometic CFX 100W is the ultimate in on-the-road refridgeration/freezer products. Robust carry-handles mean easy carrying even when fully loaded.

The Dometic CFX 100W is designed with the mobile professional in mind. Tough, high performance and no design compromises mean you can rely on the CFX 100W to perform in all on-site situations.

Dometic CFX 100W Portable Fridge Performance

A truly off-grid portable fridge, the CFX 100W is capable of a super-low -22'C, ideal for ice-cream storage. Temeperature settings can be controlled and monitored through the dedicated WiFi App on iOS and Anrdroid devices.

True compressor-based refridgeration means the CFX 100W will meet your temperature control needs while allowing maximum energy efficiency.

Dometic CFX 100W Handle Dometic CFX 100W Portable Fridge Lid Dometic CFX 100W Portable Fridge WiFi App

Dometic CFX 100W Features

  • One independent controllable temperature zone.
  • True compressor cooler operation for professional use.
  • Full length compartment lid.
  • Suitable for ice cream: -22 deg C is possible.
  • CFX special electronics with digital display and can be controlled by Android or iPhone app. USB charge point.
  • Drain plugs for easy cleaning.
  • Energy class A+ Can be controlled by a WiFi app.
  • The temperature can be set and monitored from either the built-in control panel or it can be set and monitored with the easy-to-use WiFi app from your mobile phone.
Dometic CFX 100W USB Charging Socket Dometic CFX 100W LED Lighting Dometic CFX 100W 240v/12v/24v Power

Dometic CFX 100W Specifications

  • Storage volume (approx.) 85 litres.
  • Fresh food compartment.
  • Freezer compartment.
  • 50.5 + 34.5 litres (2 compartments for cooling and freezing with separate controls).
  • Temperature range +10 to -22 deg C.
  • Power input just 65 watts.
  • Outside dimensions 957x472x530mm. Click Here for dimensions diagram.
  • Weight empty: 38 kgs.
  • TUV approved supplied with three wire baskets.
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