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Freezer Blocks GN 1/3 size 176x325x30mm Eutectic Plate[JJ.KA321]

Freezer Blocks GN 1/3 size 176x325x30mm Eutectic Plate

Freezer Blocks GN 1/3 size 176x325x30mm Eutectic Plate[JJ.KA321]

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Dimensions: 176 x 325 x 30mm
Weight: +/- 1.3 kg
High performance eutectic liquid
Non-toxic liquid, biodegradable
Suitable for food contact
High density polyethylene (HDPE)
Ultrasonic welding techniques

Eutectic Plate GN1/1

Our eutectic plates are a great solution for your cold chain supply needs. Designed for everyday use, as well as for professionals - pharmaceutical, medical, as well as the food industry. For a maximum conservation of your products, please refer to our page COOL kits for the unbeatable duo of our eutectic plates and insulated containers or coolers. The eutectic liquid's high performance and its high density polyethylene plate guarantees your cold supply chain needs.

Instructions for use: Before each use, it is necessary to freeze the eutectic plate by laying it flat in your freezer during at least 24h at a temperature that is at least 6°C below the temperature of the eutectic liquid inside the plate. It is recommended to freeze the plates horizontally, leaving 2cm of space between each in order to successfully solidify the eutectic liquid.

Once the plate is frozen, remove it from the freezer and place the eutectic plate in your insulated container. It is important to handle your eutectic plate very carefully once frozen, as it becomes very sensitive to impact.

IMPORTANT: Do not wash the eutectic plate in the dishwasher; washing-up liquid recommended.
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