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Insulated Ice Well ( Ice Wells )[VICEWELL1/1S]

Insulated Ice Well ( Ice Wells )

Insulated Ice Well ( Ice Wells )[VICEWELL1/1S]

Quantity :

Ice wells, we make them to your specification complete with insulation if required. May we suggest our most popular ice well for your consideration?

Components include the following:-

Full size ice well in top quality 304 stainless steel, insert design ( this means you just cut a hole in your bar top size 510mm x 305mm and place the well through the hole bedded down on a bead of Gripfill adhesive the ice well flange covers the adhesive and finishes the job off properly ) The gastronorm full size ice well measures only 530mm x 325mm x 200mm deep external, this well holds a massive 28 lts of ice and you can place it just where you need it. Inside the main ice well we install a drain fitting complete with a flexible hose and a drainer plate so that the drain does not get blocked with melting ice. The hose you can either plumb in to the drainage system or if more convenient lead off in to a bucket not supplied in kit. This also includes an optional insulation jacket which is prepared by us to accept the drain fitting in the bottom of the ice well.

Note. With regards to insulation jacket. that we supply is designed to fit the stainless steel ice well / container and it has a hole to take the waste, but we do ask customers to be aware, that there may be some modifications you may wish to make locally with regards to the fitting i.e. cutting the box to adjust to the depth of the ice well below the counter. The box is relatively easy to cut with a sharp knife or hack saw blade. To fix the box in position we recommend the use of expanding foam, which is readily available from your local hardware shop.

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