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KANGABOX® Expert Gastronorm - Lime[JJ.EX3gas]

KANGABOX® Expert Gastronorm - Lime

KANGABOX® Expert Gastronorm - Lime[JJ.EX3gas]



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KANGABOX® Expert Gastronorm insulated food box.

Ultra-lightweight, perfectly-closing lid and high impact resistant surface. KANGABOX® Expert Gastronorm insulated container offers maximum convenience and safety. The high stacking edge with locking features ensures safe stacking without sliding.

Available in a choice of 4 attractive colours and 8 size variants including a "mini" variant for carrying small snacks.

  • Very easy to clean
  • High temperature resistances keeps hot food hot and cold food cold, longer.
  • Rounded corners for same and comfortable transport
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Ultra light weight construction
  • Impact and scratch-proof surface
  • 100% through-dyed material
  • Dishwasher safe to 80'C
  • Ideal for supporting cold chains to HACCP standards
  • 2 smooth and 2 dimpled label fields

KANGABOX® Expert Gastronorm 1/1

Item no Outer dimensions mm Inner dimensions mm Volume
EX1117-XX 600x400x180 538x338x117 21L
EX1167-XX 600x400x230 538x338x167 30L
EX1217-XX 600x400x280 538x338x217 39L
EX1257-XX 600x400x320 538x338x257 46L


KANGABOX® Expert Gastronorm 1/2

Item no. Outer dimensions mm Inner dimensions mm Volume
EX2117-XX 390x330x180 330x270x117 10L
EX2167-XX 390x330x230 330x270x167 15L
EX2217-XX 390x330x280 330x270x217 19L


KÄNGABOX® Expert Mini

Item no. Outer dimensions mm Inner dimensions mm Volume
EX3075-XX 210x160x115 180x130x75 1.5L


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