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Portable Soup Kitchen[VSOUP.INSULA]

Portable Soup Kitchen

Portable Soup Kitchen[VSOUP.INSULA]

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Soups you!  Look no further when you need to transport hot liquids we have the answer with our unique Portable Soup Kitchen which can be used with anything from ice cream to hot soup.

The Portable Soup Kitchen kit includes:

  • Dometic Insulated box.
  • Stainless steel 10 litre container with secure clip-on lid.
  • Stainless steel serving ladle.
  • Stainless steel tongs.
  • Kitchen paper roll.
  • Gastronorm polycarbonate container and lid for bread rolls etc.
  • Insulated Box Dimensions: 40cm x 36cm x44cm.

All the items fit inside a DOMETIC 33 litre Cool Ice Box which keep items both Hot and Cold for extended periods of time. The insulated box works in the temperature range -70 degrees C to +90 degrees C. It's a passive insulated box with extra strong insulation. It is made out of roto-moulded plastic which is highly impermeable. It can be easliy washed and is complete with drain plug. The boxe's strong, wide carry strap enables it to be shoulder carried by a single person. Cool Ice boxes are also fitted with rugged side handle which allow it to be carried by one or two persons. Elasticated catches are fitted to the box to ensure a tight seal for the lid.

The Soup or other hot and cold contents are held in an 18/10 stainless steel carrier which is mirror polished and has a lid complete with silicone gasket to ensure a water tight seal. Three external sprung latches hold the lid in place there is also a pressure vent in the lid. A ladle is provided for serving.

Also included in the pack is a clear polycarbonate container with lid ideal for bread rolls and other items along with a pair of serving tongs and a roll of paper hand towels.

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