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Waste Chute - Food Scrap Ring[GEANPO]

Waste Chute - Food Scrap Ring

Waste Chute - Food Scrap Ring[GEANPO]

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A large 227mm Waste Chute designed for through-counter mounting. This stainless-steel scrap-ring offers quick, easy and hygenic dispoal of food waste and other rubbish in catering, restaurant and coffee-shop environments.

This scrap ring is ideal for clearing plates through a 206mm internal waste chute aperture where other food disposal/rubbish chutes may not be wide enough.

Waste Chute Dimensions:

  • 227mm diameter over ring.
  • 206mm diameter inside chute.
  • 70 mm overall height.
  • Minimum hole diameter required: 208mm.

227mm Waste Chute

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